Double shocker! Veronica Doherty and Hamza Hatoum booted from Big Brother Canada

 Double shocker! Veronica Doherty and Hamza Hatoum booted from Big Brother Canada

Student Veronica Doherty and Soccer Coach Hamza Hatoum became the fourth and fifth houseguests to be evicted in Big Brother Canada’s shocking double eviction on Thursday night. 

Thursday’s jam-packed episode picks up with Veronica trying to save herself from the block. A house meeting is called as the student tries to save herself from the axe. The topic of the rogue vote is brought up and it makes Paras want to rally to keep her.

However, Paras’ efforts did not work as Veronica was evicted with a 9-1 vote. Will Kenny was the lone vote to keep her in the house. Following her eviction, Veronica told host, Arisa Cox, she had no regrets casting her rogue vote for Jesse.

“Everyone in there is playing summer camp right now,” she said. “If me shaking things up got me out of the house, then whatever. I get to see my family.”

It was not over after Veronica’s eviction as Arisa called the house to the living area to inform them that it was double eviction night. We quickly went to the HoH competition, which was a head to head single elimination. In the end, Olivia beat Ryan to grab the crown.

Olivia and Alejandra chatted in the storage room, saying she was putting up Merron and Maddy for the chop with the latter being her target. However, a last-second conversation with Johnny changed her mind. In the end, she nominated Ryan and Merron for the second eviction.

The Power of Veto competition was up next, which was a pinball game. The object was to knock down five targets with the ball. Ryan was the first to knock down all his targets and was the winner of the PoV.

During the commercial break, we saw Merron pleading with Olivia to not put up Hamza as the replacement nominee with Ryan obviously using the power to save himself. However, his plea fell on deaf ears as Olivia did indeed put up Hamza up next to Merron as the replacement for Ryan.

Merron and Hamza became tearful and declined to campaign against each other. In the end, Hamza was evicted in an 8-1 vote. As he was saying his goodbyes Merron, Erica, and Ale were all in tears at the thought of their friend going home.

As he exited the house, he was greeted with a standing ovation from the studio audience. He told Arisa he really made special connections in the house.

“Erica and I really made a special connection and my boy Merron,” he said.

When asked who he wants to win, he said Erica or Merron.

Big Brother Canada continues on Monday night at 8 pm ET/PT on Global.

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