Erica wins HoH and begins to put her plan into motion

 Erica wins HoH and begins to put her plan into motion

There’s a new woman in charge of the Big Brother Canada house and just like last week, she is hoping to make a big move with a double eviction looming this week.

Erica Hill memorized her way to her first HoH win of the season, beating Derek Kesseler and Alejandra Martinez in the tiebreak question. Monday’s episode picked up following Jesse’s eviction, with the houseguests questioning who the second vote to keep Jesse in came from.

All the houseguests started questioning each other, much to Veronica Doherty’s liking, since she really is the one who cast the rogue vote. Despite her thinking she’d get away with it; Erica, Alejandra, Olivia, and Kaela all figured out it was actually Veronica. 

Erica had a private conversation with Merron Haile, letting him know she was considering putting him up. In the DR, Erica confirms she wants Merron up but as a pawn for a much bigger target. Later, she talks with Veronica and did not like the vibe she got. Erica would then confirm to Alejandra that it indeed was Veronica who cast the rogue vote.

It was finally time for Erica to make her nominations. In her deliberations, she mentioned she was considering putting up Maddy Poplett because she does not know where she stands with her. Erica’s ally Hamza Hatoum volunteered to go up on the block but she was no way putting him up.

In the end, Erica went ahead with her gut nominating Maddy and Merron for the chopping block. However, with Veronica’s lie obvious to the entire house, will Erica go ahead with her plan to backdoor her?

Find out if Erica goes through with her plan and who wins the Power of Veto when Big Brother Canada continues on Wednesday night at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Global. If you can’t wait until then, head to our spoilers page to see who won the PoV and if it was used.

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