The House

The Big Brother house has become as recognisable a character as any of the many housemates that have walked through its illustrious doors. Each year its décor and styling has set the tone to how that series will play out.

On the second level of the house, there are several aspects of heaven, including stained glass, puffy clouds, blue wall representing the sky and the beauty of a red and white. The Head of Household bedroom has a beautiful heaven themed room completed with a Garden of Eden look.

As you go downstairs you can see the heaven theme start to decay and gradually turn into something unholy. The dining area and kitchen have a hellish dungeon themed vibe, including a rotating camera in the middle of the table.

The kitchen is hell quite literally with the stained glass being covered with firey flames on multiple windows. There is no doubt some massive drama could take place within the house. Especially with slop involved.

You do not want to be a have-not this season as the houseguests will be bedding down in the Big Brother catacombs. Complete with swampy water, coffin, and skulls, it will make for a very restless night.

The throne room – complete with a white backdrop, the only thing that stands out is the black chair. Made of hundreds of black feathers, the chair looks somewhat comfortable. Although what decisions will be made in that chair?