Spicy Vee sent to Jury during latest eviction

 Spicy Vee sent to Jury during latest eviction

Big Brother Canada continued on Global last night with the latest eviction of the season.

The cast is set for Hollywood North’s final four on Big Brother Canada as the biggest and spiciest backdoor exit of the season sent Victoria “Spicy Vee” to the jury house at the hands of her fellow all-star member, Richmond Hill’s Anthony “Dougylicious” Douglas.

Earlier in the week, Anthony won his second HOH of the season, ruling the house and plotting the ultimate power move with a backdoor plan from the beginning of his HOH reign.

Dougylicious put up Todd “the Toddinator” Clements for the third time on the block, alongside Toronto’s Lexus Jackson.

When the Toddinator won his third consecutive POV competition, Anthony’s mastermind plan was set into motion as Todd used the POV to remove himself from the block, allowing Anthony to make a momentous move and name his fellow all-star, Spicy Vee, as the replacement nominee.

Victoria fought hard with last minute campaigning, but in the end, the VIP treatment ended as all-star Victoria was sent to jury by a unanimous vote of 2 to 0 in a fiery exit.

“I thought my butt was going to be the first one out, so I’m really excited that I made it to final five. This is my dream, so being able to do it a second time, i’m living right now!’ said Victoria.

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