Who won the all important PoV and was it used?

 Who won the all important PoV and was it used?

It was all to play for in the penultimate veto competition of the season. With numbers dwindling, the houseguest are aware now more than ever, just how vital the power is to secure their place in the game.

This weeks competition saw houseguests take part in a variety of mini challenges in order to secure the power of veto.

The first task involved stacking ice cubes by using their foot to balance the table.

The second task included tossing bags, whilst the third task saw the houseguests manoeuvre a ball through a maze to a hole. Todd completed his before everyone else.

He was followed by Lexus, then Bayleigh and Victoria.

In the final task, houseguest took it in turns to pick cans to pour in an attempt to get the Veto cup. Todd is first to guess the can but guesses wrong. He then had to start all over again.

Lexus also made an incorrect guess and had to start again. Todd made a second attempt but missed again.

Anthony finally caught up and tried without thinking about it. He guessed wrong. Lexus gets another chance to guess again, just as Todd makes his third attempt. Todd finally guesses the correct one, winning the power of veto and $5,000.

Will Todd use the veto to save himself from eviction? You can probably guess the answer but you’ll have to wait a little longer for confirmation.

What will go down at the veto ceremony and with the end in sight, who will be sent packing to the jury house at the penultimate hurdle? Tune in to Big Brother Canada on Global and stick with Big Blagger to find out!

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