A new HoH is crowned as we hurtle towards the final week

 A new HoH is crowned as we hurtle towards the final week

Big Brother Canada continued on Global last night, with all houseguests bar Victoria playing in this week’s Head of Household competition.

The episode began in the aftermath of last Wednesday’s double eviction which saw Tola and Avery sent to Jury.

Anthony says that he was devastated by Tola’s eviction and that he would not forgive Victoria for sending him home. Victoria later quizzes Anthony on if she is actually his number 1 to which he says yes.

For the Head of Household competition, houseguests must listen to quotes from the evicted houseguest’s speeches – which are done in baby voices! They must guess who gave the speech and the player with the most points at the end would win.

At the end of the competition, Anthony and Bayleigh are tied. In order to break the tie, the pair need to guess in minutes how long Tola lasted in the fitness competition.

By being within 2 minutes of the correct time, Anthony wins HoH! Anthony says that his goal this week is to send home Victoria via the backdoor.

At the nominations ceremony, Anthony nominates Todd and Lexus for eviction.

Tune in Tuesday to find out who wins the PoV and see if it saves either Todd or Lexus from eviction.

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