The House

The Big Brother house has become as recognisable a character as any of the many housemates that have walked through its illustrious doors. Each year it’s décor and styling has set the tone to how that series will play out.

Entrance / Upstairs

The comic book doors remain from last year but now bear the headline “Who will rewrite history?”

Kitchen & Dining

Overgrown stairs lead down to the kitchen and the large seating area

Living Room

The all seeing eye continues to watch over the houseguests above the exit/entrance to the backyard in the living area.

The Backyard


Team Defender and Team Destiny Bedrooms

Diary Room

Expedia Room

The Expedia room makes a return with some vibrant new colours.

Have-Not Room

Doesn’t look like the have-nots will be getting much sleep in their new ball pit but they sure will be having fun!

Head of Household Room

The Head of Household room is largely unchanged from season 8.

The OLG Room

The Pantry