These set of people below are set to be your extended family, you’ll know their names, positives and negatives, but at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want them around you or your house.

Amal Bashir

Age: 28
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Superfan

This superfan has a big personality and an even bigger heart. Staying focused on the grand prize, Amal plans to outwit her house mates and stay true to herself.

Anika Mysha

Age: 28
Hometown: Saskatoon
Occupation: Investment Advisor

Typically the loudest person in the room, Anika is a force to be reckoned with. Her strategy is to win people over by building tight bonds and playing a fair game. But be careful, she isn’t afraid to stir the pot!

Caludia Campbell

Age: 25
Hometown: Kensington
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator

Representing P.E.I to the fullest, Claudia is a great example of good things that come in small packages! But don’t underestimate her strength, as she plans to dominate in competitions and bring a strong social game.

Daniel Clarke

Age: 33
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Graphic Designer

This loud and proud superfan plans to play between alliances to help further his game. Although he can’t keep a secret to himself and loves to gossip, Daniel will use his cheerful outlook and fierce determination to bring home the big win.

Dan Szabo

Age: 28
Hometown: Niagra Falls, Ontario
Occupation: DJ

With a carefree attitude and good looks to match, Dan plans to charm everyone in the #BBCAN11 house. His strategy involves being part of a large alliance that allows him to make big moves without getting dirt on his hands.

Hope Agbolosoo

Age: 23
Hometown: Milton, Ontario
Occupation: Skills Coach

It’s always good vibes when Hope steps into a room. His megawatt smile and captivating energy will draw the houseguests in without a doubt. He’s calm, cool and collected when he needs to be, but when it’s show time, he plans to turn into a comp beast.

Jonathan Leonard

Age: 33
Hometown: Paradise, Newfoundland
Occupation: Fisherman

Being a dad and fisherman has taught this small town Newfoundlander patience, which he will need to bring home the biggest catch of the year – the title of #BBCAN11 Winner.

John Michael Sosa

Age: 28
Hometown: Bradford, Ontario
Occupation: Project Manager

John Michael is bright, extroverted, and a happy-go-lucky guy. While appearing unthreatening, he will mask his competitive nature behind a colourful charm to deceive all the houseguests and to take himself to the end.

Kuzie Mujakachi

Age: 29
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Occupation: 911 Operator

Kuzie is a master manipulator. She knows how to read a room and will align herself with the strongest players in the house. Her social game will influence the vote to her liking and she has no problem twisting the truth to suit her best.

Renee Mior

Age: 24
Hometown: Vaughan, Ontario
Occupation: Law Student

Renee believes her goofy and bubbly personality will either land her an alliance with the other women in the house or a flirty showmance. Either way, her innocent appearance and sharp tongue will make her presence known in the game.

Roberto Lopez

Age: 30
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Gym Manager

Beauty, brains and brawn, Roberto has the three main ingredients to win the game. More than just a pretty-face, throwing comps will sway the houseguests to underestimate his intelligence and athletic abilities, keeping him under the radar and off the block.

Santina Carlson

Age: 29
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Occupation: Aesthetician

Santina is determined and motivated to win big as a comp beast. Her strategy is to stay low-key when it comes to her competitive side until it’s time to make her move.

Shanaya Carter

Age: 27
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Occupation: Bartender

Shanaya will use her witty humour and no-holds-barred attitude as a distraction to manipulate the houseguests from the sidelines. Being vulnerable and authentic will win everyone over in no time and carry her to the end.

Ty McDonald

Age: 28
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Personal Trainer

Ty knows he comes off as a physical threat and has a feeling his intelligence will be underestimated. Once this personal trainer’s cover is blown as the comp beast, Ty plans to dominate the game by making alliances with the outcasts. Plus, a showmance or bromance along the way couldn’t hurt!

Vanessa Mactavish

Age: 42
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Occupation: Yoga Instructor

This driven mom, wife and yoga instructor is unapologetic and always authentically herself. She will be the shoulder to cry on in the #BBCAN11 house, yet also will keep the houseguests in line.

Zach Neilson

Age: 34
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Occupation: Startup Senior VP

Zach is a man with a calculated plan. With tricks up his sleeves he hopes to rule the #BBCAN11 house by dominating comps and building strong connections with his housemates.