Hamza wins HoH, nominates Olivia and Jesse for eviction

 Hamza wins HoH, nominates Olivia and Jesse for eviction
There is a new man in charge of the Big Brother Canada house and he is sure to shake things up.

Monday’s episode picked up explaining with the third Head of Household competition of the season. After transferring fruit in crates, Hamza Hatoum and Veronica Doherty were the winning team. She elected to give the win to Hamza because he wanted to hear from his fiancee.

Some of the houseguests were nervous with Hamza in charge because they no longer knew where he stood. In the Diary Room, Hamza mentioned he was sick of people getting along and feeling comfortable. He was ready to make a big move.

Wanting to break up the floaters, Hamza set his sights on Olivia Riemer. He commented she is smart due to her being a law student but feels she is floating through the game. All the other houseguests brought Olivia’s name to Hamza but he kept his cards close to his chest and did not reveal who he was putting up.

Paras Atashnak has made no secret she is playing both sides and went up to the HOH room to convince Hamza to nominate Olivia next to Alejandra Martinez. She did this because she wanted to keep her alliance and showmance with Jesse Larson a secret.

However, her attempts fell on deaf ears as Hamza nominated both Olivia and Jesse for eviction this week.

Big Brother Canada continues on Wednesday night with the Power of Veto competition.

If you can’t wait until Wednesday, head over to our spoilers page to see who won the PoV and if it was used to save one of the two nominees.

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