Ryan wins HoH, nominates allies Andrew and Hamza for eviction

 Ryan wins HoH, nominates allies Andrew and Hamza for eviction

After a feed-less weekend, Big Brother Canada fans were desperate for news from the BBCAN house and lucky for us all, Monday’s latest episode picked up and explained some things.

The episode picked up explaining why the house turned on houseguest Andrew Miller. Hours before the eviction, he was trying to rally and flip the vote to send Alejandra Martinez home and keep Rozina Yakub.

The Head of Household exposed the houseguests’ vulnerabilities with a survey on what the houseguests each think of each other. Ryan Ballantine won the HoH due to the fact Will Kenny incorrectly answered a question. So did Ryan really win it?

With Ryan in charge, he called everyone one by one up to his HoH room. Everyone but Andrew. This let Andrew know he was going on the block, despite being an ally of Ryan’s.

Ryan’s other ally Hamza Hatoum was panicking, fearing about the possibility of asking to be backdoored. So he went to Ryan and told him to put him on the block, yes Hamza volunteered to go up for eviction this week.

When it came time for Ryan to lock in his nominations, he was considering Andrew, Hamza, Erica Hill, and Olivia Riemer. He ultimately decides to put Andrew up as to gain trust and loyalty within the house and Hamza…because he asked.

Big Brother Canada continues on Wednesday night with the Power of Veto competition. Let’s hope producers also reveal what exactly went on while the feeds were down.

If you can’t wait until Wednesday, head over to our spoilers page to see who won the PoV and if it was used to save one of the two nominees.

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