Rozina first evicted from Big Brother Canada, gatecrashers revealed

 Rozina first evicted from Big Brother Canada, gatecrashers revealed

Religious educator Rozina became the first houseguest to get the boot from the Big Brother Canada house in the season’s first eviction of the year on Thursday night.

Thursday’s episode was action packed with the first nominations, Power of Veto, and vote of the new season. Head of Household Johnny nominated Rozina and Alejandra for the chop and he would also win the first Power of Veto competition. He decided to not use the veto, keeping his own nominations the same.

In their final pleas, Rozina made a good argument for keeping her in. She said she isn’t good at competitions and would be easy to beat in the end. Her words would fall on deaf ears as she was evicted in a unanimous 11-0 vote.

Following her eviction, Rozina spoke to host Arisa Cox and said the houseguests would regret evicting her.

“The youngsters will regret it when they realize they won’t have any good food,” she said.

Rozina also said if she had stayed in the game, she would have made “bold moves.”

Before the night was over, Arisa revealed the first twist of the season, which two gatecrashers Canada voted into the house. The fans voted all week to decide on one man and woman to take residence inside the Heaven/Hell themed season. To no one’s surprise, Veronica and Merron received the most votes.

However, Arisa gave the pair instructions. They are forbidden to tell the other houseguests that the viewers voted them in and they will have to give a convincing story to tell the group why they are late to the party. She also informed them that they are immune for the week.

Big Brother Canada continues on Monday night, but head to our spoilers page to see the results of the Head of Household competition.

Big Brother Canada airs Monday’s Wednesday’s and Thursday’s on Global.

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