Alejandra, Johnny, and Olivia sent to jury in Big Brother Canada’s triple bill

 Alejandra, Johnny, and Olivia sent to jury in Big Brother Canada’s triple bill

Triple eviction’s on Big Brother Canada are always a drama filled night and Thursday night’s triple bill was no different.

The episode picked up with the fallout of Alejandra Martinez getting put up on the block. Despite Kaela being Johnny’s target, he did not put up Olivia like the trio of Paras, Will, and Maddy wanted. Since they control the votes this week, they could either stay loyal to Johnny or stab him in the back.

Kaela went to work campaigning for votes but Johnny constantly came in to interrupt. Things got heated when and lots of yelling ensued. Then, later on, Alejandra had a full-on meltdown as she screamed in the room with Paras, Olivia, and Will.

It was time for the first vote and eviction, Kaela and Alejandra gave their pleas. Ali said that Kaela has not meant a thing she said in the house while Kaela kept true to her word about getting Johnny out. When the votes came back, Ali was evicted on a 4-1 vote, with Olivia being the lone vote for her to stay.

“Neither of you will get my jury vote, I can guarantee you that,” An angry Ali said as she walked out the door.

Following her eviction, Ali spoke to host Arisa Cox and admitted she was mad and sad to be out.

“Freaking Johnny,” she said. “I’m so sad but I’m way too mad to be really sad.”

Arisa then revealed to the house that it was a triple eviction night. So we went quickly to the Head of Household competition. The competition is a Q&A titled “Name that Speech.” After three rounds, Derek won HoH and quickly nominated Maddy, Olivia, and Johnny for eviction.

For the Power of Veto competition, houseguests had to quickly put in order the veto winners from the season. Kaela was the quickest and decided to not use it.

The final vote saw Will, Paras, and Kaela vote to save Maddy. This meant Olivia Riemer and Johnny Mulder were the next two out the door and to the jury house.

“I hope you floaters realize what you just did,” Olivia said prior to her eviction. “They [Derek and Kaela] are going to take you all out. And it’s what you deserve.”

Following their eviction, the pair told Arisa they expected to be out after Derek’s HoH win.

“Derek and Kaela will take this all the way if they stay,” Johnny said. “That’s exactly what is about to happen.”

“You can’t trust anybody,” Olivia added.

Big Brother Canada continues on Monday night with the Head of Household competition as well as the nominations. If you can’t wait until Monday, head over to our spoilers page to see who won the HoH comp!

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