Derek wins the Power of Veto, Johnny draws a line in the sand

 Derek wins the Power of Veto, Johnny draws a line in the sand

Head of Household Johnny Mulder was forced to finally pick a side on Wednesday night’s Big Brother Canada.

The episode picked up following Johnny’s nominations for Derek Kesseler and Kaela Grant aka ‘Daela’. Following the nominations, Daela quickly regretted their decision to not get Johnny out in last week’s eviction that sent Ryan to the jury.

It was time for this week’s Power of Veto competition and it was a cyberspace themed comp. It resembled OTEV from Big Brother US and after five rounds, it was Derek won came out on top. The win was not good news for Johnny as Derek was his target to go home this week.

After Derek’s win, Johnny realized he now would be forced to draw a line in the stand, picking which side of the house he wants to work with. Alejandra Martinez and Olivia Riemer were worried about going up, which caused Olivia to throw Ali under the bus to Johnny. 

Meanwhile, Paras and Maddy were testing to see Johnny if truly would be committed to their alliance. They floated the idea of putting up Olivia but Johnny wasn’t having it. In the Diary Room, Maddy said “maybe Johnny’s HoH reign won’t go according to plan.”

At the veto meeting, Derek took himself off the block. That left Johnny to put up Ali as the replacement nominee.

Big Brother Canada continues on Thursday night with a massive Triple Eviction where three houseguests will be sent to the jury house. 

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