Erica’s reign as HoH continues but did she make the wrong move?

 Erica’s reign as HoH continues but did she make the wrong move?

Erica Hill’s reign as Head of Household continues this week but this time she is playing it a tad differently.

Monday’s episode saw the fallout from last Thursday’s emotional double eviction that saw Veronica and Hamza get the chop. Then-HoH Olivia let Ali, Johnny, and Erica on the plan to possibly backdoor Hamza, with Erica being against the idea.

After a night of frat style partying, Big Brother had the evil idea of waking up the hungover houseguests at 7 am for the HOH competition. Erica had no plans to win it but after she and Maddy were the final two standing, she guessed and it gave her the win.

As she did last week, Erica had plenty to think about. However, this time she was considering one of her allies. Johnny Mulder told her that Alejandra and Olivia had been talking to Maddy about how they own them her loyalty in the game now since Erica used the veto on her last week. The problem is that Erica was not aware of this conversation.

Meanwhile, Paras Atashnak also let Erica know that Ali is someone who cannot be trusted. She explained how Ali floats to the power herself and then says to whoever is in power the other floaters need to go. Erica seemed to agree with her, saying Ali will likely be the one who comes to get her out if the chance ever presented itself.

Despite all this, Erica wanted to play it safe to avoid any more of a target on her back. As she deliberated her decision, she considered putting up Ryan Ballantine, Merron Haile, Will Kenny, and Ali. 

In the end, Erica nominated Ryan because his knowledge of the game makes him dangerous. And Merron due to the fact he is the ultimate pawn.

Did Erica make the wrong move for her game?

Big Brother Canada continues Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Global with the Power of Veto competition. If you don’t want to wait, head over to our spoilers page to see who won the PoV and if it was used.

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