Merron Haile evicted from Big Brother Canada as new twist is revealed #MerronWasEvicted

 Merron Haile evicted from Big Brother Canada as new twist is revealed #MerronWasEvicted

The Big Brother Canada house is gatecrasher free after Business Student Merron Haile became the latest houseguest to be sent packing on Thursday night. #MerronWasEvicted

Thursday’s show highlighted Merron and fellow nominee Ryan Ballantine fighting their chance to survive. It went as far as Ryan making up a lie that Alejandra said “I don’t trust that bi*^$ about Paras, which she didn’t. Ali would call Ryan out about it and he even stuck to the lie, causing the house to not trust him even more.

It was then time for the vote. Merron pleaded with the house to save him so he could show what type of player he was. Despite his pleas, he was evicted on a 5-3 vote but did not become the first member of the jury.

Speaking to host Arisa Cox following his eviction, Merron said he just couldn’t win any competitions.

“Canada, I’m so sorry for letting you guys down,” he said. “It pains me so much, I’m so sorry. I tried as hard as I could. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t pull it off.”

It was then time for the Head of Household competition to play out. As outgoing HoH, Erica could not compete. The houseguests must keep their hands up above their head extended on a button. The HG to keep his or her hand on the button the longest wins.

Just before the end of the show, Arisa revealed a new twist. Starting this week, Canada has the power to save a nominee. The catch is they can either save one nominee or none at all. If they save no one next week, the vote will carry over to the following week.

Right after the show, evicted houseguest Hamza sent out a pair of mysterious tweets:

Is he possibly returning? Or is he just trolling? Time will tell.

Big Brother Canada continues Monday at 9 pm ET/PT on Global with the HoH comp results and nominations. Can’t wait until Monday? Head over to our spoilers page to see who outlasted everyone else in the HoH competition!

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