Victoria wins HoH, nominates Keifer and Latoya for eviction

 Victoria wins HoH, nominates Keifer and Latoya for eviction

A new week has dawned in the BBCAN house, and with a new week, comes a new HoH. Following the unanimous vote to evict Josh, houseguests were competing to find the next HoH, taking it in turns to go head to head and answer True or False questions after a short video.

First to buzz in correctly would win that round, eliminate their opponent and get to choose the next two competitors. Buzz in first and get it wrong, the houseguest is eliminated, failure for either houseguest to answer within the time limit would result in both houseguests being eliminated. It was a close fought contest but ultimately it came down to Kiefer vs Victoria, with Victoria emerging victorious! The full comp rundown is as follows:

Round 1: Kiefer vs Tychon – Tychon eliminated.

Round 2: Tera vs Breydon – Breydon eliminated.

Round 3: Beth vs Jedson – Beth eliminated.

Round 4: Tera vs Victoria – Tera eliminated.

Round 5: Kiefer vs Rohan РRohan eliminated 

Round 6: Victoria vs Tina – Tina eliminated.

Round 7: Kiefer vs Kyle – Kyle eliminated.

Round 8: Victoria vs Jedson – Jedson eliminated.

Round 9: Kiefer vs LaToya – LaToya eliminated.

Round 10: Kiefer vs Victoria – Kiefer eliminated.

With Victoria installed as the next HoH, thoughts quickly turned to nominations. Victoria set a trap for LaToya which she walked straight in to, after Victoria is told by Breydon that LaToya had told Austin of her apparent plan to put him on the block.

After some sole searching, Kiefer decides he wants to clear his conscience for throwing Victoria under the bus and goes to her to volunteer to go on the block. She reassures him that he is safe and reveals LaToya as her true target, but asks him to act as if he is the target.

Who will win the PoV, and will it be used to save either Kiefer or LaToya from eviction? Tune in to Big Brother Canada as the season continues, Wednesday at 7PM EST on Global TV and stick with Big Blagger for the latest!

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