Josh Farnworth evicted from the Big Brother Canada house

 Josh Farnworth evicted from the Big Brother Canada house

Josh Farnworth has become the second houseguest to be evicted and it’s now every houseguest for themselves as the teams twist comes to an end.

After back-to-back weeks on the block and causing complete chaos in the house, lone wolf Josh Farnworth was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house in an unanimous vote versus Toronto’s Rohan Kapoor. But the anarchy didn’t stop there for the houseguests, when directly following the eviction, Arisa declared the end of this season’s teams twist, allowing everyone to play as individuals.

“I didn’t plan on playing alone, I did want to play with other people. But then I had to pivot from that. A lot of emotions kind of came and took over really early on – ones that I wasn’t prepared for,” said Josh Farnworth.
Wielding her newly minted power, Head of Household Austin nominated Team Defender’s Kiefer and Josh for eviction.

Not there to make friends, wildcard Josh spent the week scheming, trying to eliminate the target on his back. Kiefer fought to his core and won the first POV competition of the season, taking himself off the block.

With minimal Team Defender replacement options, Austin went with the safe choice and appointed Rohan as this week’s pawn, who helped rally the votes behind Josh’s demise.

The eviction ended with the start of the next head of household competition of the season. Who will win and become the next houseguest in power? Find out Monday 9pm ET/PT on Global.

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