Ryan Ballantine evicted from Big Brother Canada, becomes first jury member

 Ryan Ballantine evicted from Big Brother Canada, becomes first jury member

After four weeks on the block, Fire Safety Technician Ryan Ballantine saw his luck run out as he was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house, becoming the first member of the jury.

Thursday’s eviction show picked up after Derek declined to use the Power of Veto, leaving Ryan and Johnny to campaign against each other. Johnny went to work hard and got Will, Ali, and Olivia to save him. Meanwhile, Ryan was becoming cocky, almost a little too comfortable that he was staying.

Paras, Ali, and Will talk in the Have-not room and start to realize it may be a mistake to keep Ryan in over Johnny but Paras is still trying to keep the bearded red read in.

When it comes time for the vote, Ryan realized he should have campaigned harder. He was evicted by a unanimous 6-0 vote.

“Own those lies. If you fake it, I’ll know,” Ryan said as he was evicted.

Following his eviction, Ryan told host Arisa Cox he was sorry for not giving Canada more after saving him.

“I’m sorry Canada,” he said. “But I am looking forward to helping decide the winner.”

With time ticking down to the finale, the Head of Household competition is extremely important but could also be critical for the upcoming final weeks. The competition is a sugar and candy themed endurance comp. The houseguest to outlast the others will win.

Just before the show ended, Arisa filled in the viewers that next week is a TRIPLE eviction, meaning three houseguests will go by the end of the hour.

Big Brother Canada continues on Monday night with the Head of Household competition as well as the nominations. If you can’t wait until Monday, head over to our spoilers page to see who won the HoH comp!

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