Rohan wins the Power of Veto

 Rohan wins the Power of Veto

With Big Brother Canada’s ‘Invisible Head of Household’ week in full swing, last night we saw the houseguests compete in the Power of Veto competition. 

Nominations fall out

This week only Kiefer knows that Victoria won the Head of Household competition and the rest of the house are suspecting virtually every houseguest as being the HoH with suspicions flying in every direction.

With both sides of the house suspecting each other, Victoria is somehow managing to evade suspicion and rubbing her game playing hands together with glee. 

On Monday’s episode we saw her cast her nominations in private while choosing to nominate Austin and Breydon. Austin and Breydon are both upset to be on the block together but what hurts the most is not knowing who actually put them there. 

Later in the episode Tychon, Jedson and Beth finally figure out that Victoria must be the HoH. 

Power of Veto

Playing for the veto this week alongside Breydon and Austin were Tychon, Victoria and Rohan.

For the comp, the players had to build a beam across the backyard. Once the beam was complete, they then had to build a puzzle. The first houseguest to complete the puzzle and win the Power of Veto was Rohan. 

Trying to ensure that the nominations remain the same, Victoria tries to plant the seed that either Tera or Tina would go up as replacement nominees if either Austin or Breydon are saved from the block.

Ultimately Rohan decides against using the veto and the nominations remain the same. 

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Find out Thursday at 9pm ET/PT on Global.


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