Another houseguest sent packing and a new HOH takes control

The BBCAN house has said goodbye to another of it’s inhabitants as Austin Dookwah became the victim of the first ever invisible HoH.

After Rohan won the PoV and decided against using it, Austin and Breydon found themselves on the block. Austin was swiftly evicted from the house in a unanimous vote, narrowly missing out on a place on the BBCAN jury, which is due to commence next week.

Speaking to BB host Arisa Cox, following her eviction, Austin said:

“It might have been too little too late, but this twist lit a fire under me, I was not going to go down without a fight. I was just ready to go, give it my all.”

After her eviction, it was time to crown a new – traditional HoH. In a comp title BB Calendar, houseguest had to memorise details of an upcoming BB Calendar which had been displayed in the living room the night before. Houseguest were asked a series of questions regarding the calendar but it was Sunsetter Beth who claimed the crown and became the new HoH.

Who will Beth nominate? Stick with Big Blagger for the latest!