Head of Household Beth makes her nominations

 Head of Household Beth makes her nominations

Following on from Friday’s eviction episode in which Austin was sent packing, on Monday we saw HoH Beth Bieda make her first nominations of the season.

Beth won the HoH title after successfully answering the questions surrounding the Big Brother Calendar challenge correctly and then beating Jedson in a tie break question.

With Beth as HoH her close allies in the house, Jedson & Tychon were in theory safe from the block this week.

She is also loyal to a degree to the Sunsetters alliance which means that Kiefer and Tina were also in theory safe.

At the nominations ceremony, Beth announced that she was nominating Rohan and Tera for eviction. Her target this week is Rohan, however she is trying to convince him that her target is Tera in a bid to throw him off course since he has been on somewhat of a winning streak with the Power of Veto of late.

Will either Tera or Rohan win the PoV and save themselves from eviction? Find out Wednesday on Global.

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