Paras wins first HoH, sealing her spot in the Final 3

 Paras wins first HoH, sealing her spot in the Final 3

After throwing competitions and just missing out winning others, Paras Atashnak finally has her first victory. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Paras correctly answered four of seven questions in Thursday’s Head of Household competition, earning her first win and sealing her place in Thursday’s season finale in the process.

Following her win, it became obvious that Paras would be nominating Kaela and Derek for eviction, wanting to go to the final two with Will Kenny. Although Paras would be nominating, the real person holding the power would be the winner of the Power of Veto. The winner of the PoV will be the sole person who casts the vote in the final eviction of the season.

After some filler for this season’s Big Brother Canada awards, Paras had to make her nominations.

She indeed nominated Derek and Kaela for eviction this week.

“You both are a power couple,” Paras told them in her speech. “In order for me to get to the end, one of you needs to go this week.”

Big Brother Canada continues Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Global with the Power of Veto competition and fourth eviction. If you don’t want to wait, head over to our spoilers page to see who won the PoV and if it was used.

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