Kyle’s chaotic HoH reign comes back to bite him

 Kyle’s chaotic HoH reign comes back to bite him

Big Brother Canada continued on Global last night, which saw the houseguests compete in the latest Power of Veto competition.

The episode began with an unhappy Marty confronting Gino over his nominations speech which saw him put on the block.

Marty said that he felt hurt by the words Gino used to describe him and reveals that he will be coming after him, Kyle and Jacey-Lynne.

Playing in the Veto this week were nominees Marty and Jess alongside Summer, Tynesha and Haleena who were picked by a spin of the wheel.

For the Christmas themed competition, players were dressed as elves and had to stack as many present packages horizontally without dropping any as they could. Players would also offered letters from home as well as other gifts throughout the competition.

Summer is the first houseguest to drop her presents, followed by Haleena and Tynesha leaving nominees Jess and Marty vying for the Veto.

Jess eventually drops her presents resulting in Marty winning the Power of Veto!

Before the Veto ceremony could take place, Gino starts to contemplate who to nominate as a replacement for Marty, and initially appears to decide on Betty.

Summer however has other plans, and gets to work on trying to get Gino to nominate his close ally Kyle.

Following this conversation, Kyle then trues to influence Gino to put Moose up on the block which worries Gino even further that Kyle has learned nothing from his mess of a HoH last week – Summer also tells him that he needs to disassociate himself as much as possible from Kyle if he wants to keep his game in play.

Before the Veto ceremony, Gino is honest with Kyle and explains that as a result of his chaotic week last week, he needs to distance himself from him and will be naming him as the replacement nominee.

At the Veto ceremony, Marty as expected removed himself from the block and Gino nominated Kyle as replacement.

Who will be evicted from the house? Find out tonight at 8pm ET on Global.

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