2 more houseguests on the block

 2 more houseguests on the block

Following on from Thursday’s shock eviction blindside and Gino’s HoH win, Monday’s episode saw houseguest start to process the shenanigans as attention turned to who Gino would choose to nominate.

Having been completely blindsided by Stephanies eviction, he wasn’t short of candidates.

The start of the episode saw Jacey-Lynn, Gino and Kyle try to piece together what went wrong with the plan to evict Josh. Hermon explained to Gino and Kyle that he felt he wasn’t respected Kyle and that he didn’t want to continue to play Kyle’s game.

Gino toyed with the idea of nominating Tynesha, but a warning from Jacey-Lynn to avoid making the same makes as Kyle had him reconsidering.

Ultimately, he chose to nominate Marty and Jess for eviction.

Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save either Marty or Jess from the block? Tune in Wednesday at 7pm ET on Global and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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