A house shocked in the first eviction blindside of the season

 A house shocked in the first eviction blindside of the season

It has been chaos in the Big Brother Canada hose this week with alliances destroyed under this weeks Head of Household Kyle.

After sliding his way to victory in last week’s HOH competition, King Kyle’s week-long rule brought nothing but anarchy, betrayal and drama to the BBCAN10 house in what was one of the most chaotic weeks in BBCAN history.

A convincing performance by Moose to defuse Stephanie’s anger towards him after suggesting to Kyle that she go up as a nominee, raised a red flag for the Head of Household. With a clear target in mind, Kyle nominated two of his alliance members for eviction: Moose from “The Seven” and Stephanie from “The Retreat – but that was not the end of the chaos of Kyle’s HoH reign.

With a bee in his bonnet, Moose won the much needed POV, becoming the third nominee to take themselves off the block.

After Marty suggested nominating major threat Josh, Kyle contemplated whether to follow his advice or play it safe and put up pawn-star Betty. But heavy is the head that wears the crown, and Kyle chose to blindside another member of “The Seven” alliance, naming Josh as the replacement nom.

At the eviction vote, Stephanie and her “allies” were blindsided and Kyle’s game imploded when a noticeably stunned Stephanie became the third houseguest evicted from the Big Brother Canada house by a vote of 9 to 2.
“I think Josh is a very strong player and he was able to talk his way into staying,” said Stephanie. “And maybe I felt a little bit too confident, but that’s just who I am, I’m a confident person. You tell me at face value, I take it at face value. But in this game, nothing is at face value.”
This week’s live eviction episode concluded with the Head of Household competition, “Shoppers Showcase,” where Arisa tested how well the houseguests paid attention to the prices of the items in the BBCAN pantry.

After Canada watched Gino, Betty, Marty and Moose battle it out in a four-way tie breaker, the price was right for Gino who was crowned the new Head of Household.

Who will Gino nominate for eviction? Find out Monday at 7pm ET on Global.

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