Gino wins Head of Household, but who does he nominate?

 Gino wins Head of Household, but who does he nominate?

Big Brother Canada continued last night, and picked up in the aftermath of Hermon’s eviction last Thursday, which ended with a tease about the return of an iconic HoH competition – Buzzkilled.

Unfortunately, owing to technical difficulties which host Arisa Cox shared on Twitter, the Arisa confirmed that the competition won’t be shown due to technical difficulties.

Instead, houseguests played a basic before or after question based competition and it played out as follows:-

Question 1 – Everyone gets it right.

Question 2 – Everyone apart from Summer and Haleena get a point

The houseguests are then tempted with a have card to get them off slop. By taking the card you cannot earn a point. Summer and Jacey-Lynne race for the pass. Summer wins it.

Question 3 – Everyone but Jacey-Lynne and Summer get a point.

Question 4 – Everyone apart from Betty and Haleena get a point.

Question 5 – Jacey-Lynne, Summer, and Josh get a point.

Question 6 – Everyone gets a point except Josh and Betty.

Question 7 – Gino, Summer, Betty, and Jacey-Lynne get a point.

Question 8 – Only Moose doesn’t get a point.

Question 9 – Gino gets it right and Jacey-Lynne gets it wrong.

As Jacey-Lynne and Gino were tied in the competition, Gino won after getting question 9 correct.

Summer initially believes that Gino won’t be putting her up, but is later informed by him that she will likely be going on the block. Gino later takes Moose to Wendy’s and informs him of his plan to backdoor Marty.

At the nominations ceremony, Gino nominates both Summer and Moose for eviction.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday on Global.

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