Adam wins the veto as Mark plays the safe card for his HoH

 Adam wins the veto as Mark plays the safe card for his HoH

Adam continued to dominate the competitions in Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada, securing himself another veto win. But it was Mark’s safe move that has the Pretty Boys divided.

Wednesday’s show kicks off with the nomination fallout. The boys quickly decide that Cory needs to be the replacement nominee but are afraid of what Anthony might think.

Meanwhile, Anthony is upset that the boys would discuss things behind his back and confronts them about it. So he runs to tell Cory to fight for the veto, hinting she may go up if Adam or Damien come down.

This week’s Power of Veto is a spicy one. Este, Cory, and Kyra join Adam and Damien in playing the competition, which sees the players slide down a pole to move puzzle pieces around. The houseguest who completes the puzzle wins not only the PoV but $5,000 from Wendy’s.

Adam takes an early lead followed by Kyra. Yes, that is not a typo. Kyra was actually doing well in something. Damien really struggled in this competition and Cory and Este was right behind. Adam completes the puzzle and sinks six balls to win the veto and the cash.

The boys are happy with Adam’s win because they think Cory is going up. However, Anthony goes to campaign for Cory. He basically manipulated Mark to see it his way, which Mark does. So the PB’s are meeting and you can clearly see it is Dane/Adam vs. Mark/Anthony and I’m on Team Dadam.

At the Power of Veto meeting, Mark played it safe and nominated Este next to Damien after taking himself off. Anthony has a sly smirk on his face but I have a feeling that smile will fade away tomorrow night.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house? Este or Damien? Or will a new twist change everything? Find out Thursday night at 8 pm ET on Global with host Arisa Cox.

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