Which houseguest won the Power of Veto?

 Which houseguest won the Power of Veto?

Big Brother Canada continued on Global last night which saw the houseguests compete in the latest Power of Veto competition of the season.

The episode picked up right after the nominations ceremony which saw Marty nominate Jacey-Lynne and Jay for eviction.

With Marty’s eyes fixed mainly on Jay for eviction, he needs to win this weeks PoV more than fellow block mate Jacey-Lynne.

Picked to play alongside the two nominees were Haleena, Josh and Betty – they were selected to play by a spin of the Wheel in the living area.

For the competition, the players had to balance cake pieces and then move them down a table. They then had to move them back up the table, stack another layer on top and repeat the process. The first player to complete all layers and cross the finish line would be the winner.

It was a difficult and frustrating competition for the players with the ultimate champion being nominee Jacey-Lynne.

It came as no shock to the house at the veto meeting when Jacey-Lynne used the veto on herself.

In a shock to both Betty and Jay, Marty, on the advise of Kyle nominated Betty as a replacement nominee as they fear that Betty would be a vote to keep Jay in the game.

Who will be evicted from the house? Find out at 8pm ET.

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