A veto winner, a replacement nominee and the biggest blindside in BBCAN history!

 A veto winner, a replacement nominee and the biggest blindside in BBCAN history!

Things really heated up as all remaining houseguests excluding current HoH Tera, competed in this weeks crucial veto competition.

This weeks competition was sponsored by Expedia and consisted of 3 parts. Firstly, houseguest had to complete a logic challenge and identify 2 suitcases using a set of clues provided.

Once they correctly identified the luggage, they then had to take it over to a puzzle featuring push and pull puzzle pieces to clear a path and push a vehicle from one side of the puzzle to the other, containing the suitcases.

The final part, involved houseguests piecing together a map of canada which was in pieces in one of the suitcases and correctly labelling the areas.

The houseguest to compete all 3 parts in the fastest time won the Power of Veto. The results were as follows:

5th – Breydon
4th – Beth
3rd – Kiefer
2nd – Ty
1st – Jedson

With the PoV within his grasp, it would be reasonable to expect Jed to use the veto to save himself. However, in a last ditch attempt to get him out, Kiefer concocted a plan to get Jed to use the veto on Beth. With plans in place, Tera approached Beth and Jed and proposed that she would put Breydon on the block if Jed used the veto to save Beth. With the showmance banking on their alliance with Kiefer and Ty to keep Jed safe and backdoor Breydon, they agreed to the plan and Jed used the veto to save Beth, with Breydon being named as the replacement nominee.

Unbeknownst to them, there is a second, very different plan in motion that will see Jedson walking out the door come eviction night. Add to that a fake double eviction and a battle back competition – and this week of Big Brother just got hella interesting!

Who will be evicted in the double, who will be sent to jury and who will win their spot in the BBCAN9 house? Stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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