Marty makes his nominations and houseguests play for the PoV

 Marty makes his nominations and houseguests play for the PoV

Following Monday’s cliffhanger ending, we were left waiting to find out who incoming HoH Marty would nominate for eviction following the drama filled double eviction.

Last night’s episode started with the nomination ceremony which saw Marty nominate Betty and Josh after the part they played in the failed eviction vote flip attempt during the second eviction in last weeks double.

Houseguest then spun the wheel to pick players for the Veto com with Gino, Summer and Kevin being chosen to compete alongside Betty and Josh.

For this competition, houseguests had to compete in a series of challenges. In the first round, Betty faced off against Kevin trying to be the first HG to sink 6 balls in the hole. Kevin emerged victorious, meaning Betty was eliminated.

In the next round, Josh went head to head with Gino attempting to stack blocks and solve the puzzle first. Gino secured victory, eliminating Josh from the competition.

Next up, Summer battled it out against Gino in an attempt to travel across a balancing beam whilst balancing balls matching the colours on the beam in their correct spot. Summer ultimately lost after throwing the comp, meaning Gino advanced to the final round against Kevin.

In the final round, the pair battled to correctly piece together a 3D crossword puzzle featuring names of fellow houseguest, before attempting to make the word ‘Nominees’ using intersecting letters.

Despite guessing the word first, Gino was eliminated, leaving Kevin as the Power of Veto winner, after failing to correctly spell the word Nominees.

Unfortunately, seems like BB is going to keep us waiting a little longer, as the Power of Veto ceremony did not feature in this episode.

Will Kevin use the Power of Veto and who will become the first member of the jury? Tune in to Global and stick with Big Blagger for the latest!

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