Julie becomes first houseguest evicted from Team Defender

 Julie becomes first houseguest evicted from Team Defender

Following its epic season premiere, which saw houseguest divided in to teams for the first time in BBCAN history, the show has sent its first houseguest packing, following Team Defender’s loss in the safety challenge on launch night.

As part of the winning team, houseguests from Team Destiny were able to anonymously pose questions to the opposing Team Defender members who were on the block. Not impressed with her answers, Julie was quickly identified as the weakest player. With a target painted firmly on her back, she had hoped that her “Dolls” alliance including Austin and Breydon would save her, but when it came down to the vote – both decided to play it safe and voted with the house, 11-2 to send Julie packing.

Speaking to BBCAN host Arisa Cox following her exit Julie said:

“I was too bubbly, but I was also weak, so I think that was a factor and the reason why I’m here right now. I’m so happy that I got to share my message before I got out, so being here and just sharing my story, I’m so grateful,” .

before continuing:

“I’m hopeful that it has inspired a lot of people, and I feel like I did my deed, so I’m very happy.”

Who will win the first HoH of the season, and who will be next to face eviction? Tune in 9pm PT/ET on Global TV and stick with Big Blagger to find out!

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