Dane wins PoV, Adam gets evicted, and the final three are set

 Dane wins PoV, Adam gets evicted, and the final three are set

With with Big Brother Canada finale in sight, Wednesday night saw the most emotional eviction in show history and it set the stage for the big showdown to win it all.

Adam Pike became the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house in a special eviction episode on Wednesday, just missing out on Thursday’s big finale.

The show kicked off with the fallout from the nomination ceremony. Dane pumps up Adam to go out and win the veto but little does Adam know, the is the real target this week.

At the veto, it is a game simulation called “Veto Hunter” where the final four must correctly answer questions based on the day’s events happened from the season. This comp was made for Dane and he proved it by winning the final veto of the season.

Host Arisa Cox comes on the screen and informs the house that this is a secret eviction. Adam goes to talk to the boys and asking if he is staying but the boys don’t answer. Adam figures out the guys are cutting him loose and betraying him, causing all three to cry.

At the veto ceremony, Dane does not use the veto and Anthony evicts Adam.

As he left the house, a dejected Adam spoke to Arisa about the blindside.

“I feel the most betrayed by Anthony,” he said. I feel the decision will come back to bite him. Dane will win the final HoH and take Kyra.”

Who will win Big Brother Canada Season 7, Anthony, Dane, or Kyra? Find out on Thursday night in the 2-hour season finale at 8 pm ET on Global with host Arisa Cox.

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