Dane wins HoH and has a big move set in his sights

 Dane wins HoH and has a big move set in his sights

Things are shaping to be one heck of a week inside the Big Brother Canada house with Dane in charge for another week.

The episode picked up following Kailyn’s eviction. There’s massive paranoia as Chelsea and Sam suspect Adam and Dane are working together and they are right. Hours before Thursday’s eviction, Chelsea approached Kiera to form a truce and talk about a girls alliance but Kiera doesn’t trust her and just tells Chelsea what she wants to hear.

Kiera goes to tell Dane and Stef about Chelsea’s plan, which only fuels Dane’s fire to win HoH and get Sam or Chelsea out this week.

At the HoH, it is all about staying focused and for some, that is easier said than done. Big Brother tempted the houseguests with food and prizes but Dane would outlast everyone for his second HoH of the season.

Anthony and Dane discuss putting up Chelsea and Kyra on the block and backdooring Sam. Honestly, this is probably Dane’s best chance and splitting up Chelsea and Sam, he needs to do it. Adam is against the move and tries to spin it as Kailyn coming up with the all-girls alliance but Dane was not having it.

Dane goes to work, trying to drive a wedge between Kyra and Chelsea, which may have worked. Dane tells them that Chelsea formed different alliances that did not include them. Kyra goes to Chelsea later and admits it is true but nothing came of it. This hurts Kyra.

At the nomination ceremony, Dane nominates Chelsea and Kyra for eviction this week. However, his target still seems to be Sam.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Kyra or Chelsea from eviction? Find out when Big Brother Canada continues on Wednesday night at 7 pm ET on Global. Be sure to head to our spoilers page for live updates from the house.

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