Cory wins the Power of Veto, sealing someone’s fate

 Cory wins the Power of Veto, sealing someone’s fate

With a double eviction looming on Big Brother Canada this week, the Power of Veto competition was more important than ever and it would be the game’s biggest wild card that took the prize.

Wednesday’s episode began following Dane’s nominations of Chelsea and Kyra. He wants them out because they can damage his game as well as the Pretty Boy alliance.

Man, I really cringe every time I type that alliance name out.

Anyway, Adam has completely fallen for Sam and is willing to risk his alliance for her. Dane, Anthony, and Mark realize this and know Sam needs to go sooner rather than later to get Adam back on track in the game. Kyra decides to test Adam by saying he told Dane about the alliance and he goes to Dane, proving Kyra’s mind games worked.

It is the time to play the Power of Veto, which saw Cory, Mark, Kyra, Chelsea, and Sam all take part. This week’s competition in an obstacle course three times and the houseguest to win each round would get the PoV. After four rounds, Cory would take home the veto.

Knowing it was a long shot, both Chelsea and Kyra campaigned separately to Cory to get the veto to be used on them. At the veto meeting, Cory did not use the veto and said she wants to respect Dane’s HoH.

Who will be evicted from BBCAN HQ? Chelsea or Kyra? And who will follow them out of the door? Find out in the double eviction episode of Big Brother Canada at 8 pm ET on Global with host Arisa Cox. 

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