Breydon holds all the power as he wins PoV

 Breydon holds all the power as he wins PoV

This week on Big Brother Canada truly is the week of Breydon, with the reigning HoH holding all the power after also winning the power of veto.

But before he could compete in and ultimatley go on to win the PoV, he had to nominate 2 houseguests for eviction.

Following her shock return to the house, Tera was disappointed to once again find herself on the block. However, she can take some comfort in knowing she is sitting next to Breydon’s actual target Beth, who he said was considering backdooring him over Jed last week.

Next up, it was time for the houseguest to compete in the PoV competition. This week, current HoH Breydon also got to compete as there are only 5 houseguest remaining. The competition saw each houseguest place a ball into a giant pinball machine. They then had to race to the bottom of the machine and catch the ball before replacing it in the machine and repeating the whole process again. Every time the lights on the machine flashed, housguests had to place another ball in the machine. If at any point a ball touched the floor or they were holding more than 1 at at time, it was Game Over. The housguest all put in valiant efforts, but it was ultimatley Breydon who won the Power of Veto, ensuring he had total control over his nominations – a scenario not normally played out on Big Brother Canada in recent season!

With the power firmly in Breydon’s hands, it was time for Tera and Beth to make their last attempts to persuade him to use the veto. Despite a convincing argument about making a big move on Kiefer from Beth, Breydon stood firm and decided not to use the Power of Veto.

That means, either Beth or Tera will miss out on a spot in the final four. Is history fated to repeat itself? or will it be second time lucky for Tera? Stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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