BBCAN kicks off as first HoH of the season is crowned

 BBCAN kicks off as first HoH of the season is crowned

Big Brother Canada is back! The shows 10th season got off to a cracking start last night as we saw the latest batch of 16 all new houseguests move into Canada’s most infamous house. Queen Arisa introduced the houseguests in sets of 4.

The first four houseguests to enter were Gino, Josh, Summer and Jacey-Lynn-Lynn who wasted no time in creating the first alliance of the season, the HoneyBunch – we’ll watch eagerly to see how long that one lasts!

Once the remainder of the houseguests were safely within the confines of the BBCAN house, it was time to get down to business. But not before Big Brother called to throw an immunity shaped spanner in the works. As first person to answer the BB phone, Jay is safe for the week. He was also made ineligible to win the first HoH competition.

Ramping up the game show theme, the first comp of the season was called “Door of Destiny” and was a comp featuring various round, leading up to the all important “prize round”. In the first round, all houseguests – with the exception of Jay – were competing to finish a puzzle. Hermon won and advanced to the “prize round”. Everyone else – except Jay – continued to battle it out in a trivia round featuring questions about the house. Each correct answer, allowed the houseguest answering to eliminate another houseguest from the competition, whilst wrong answers mean elimination.

Moose ultimately won the round to join Hermon in the final prize round to determine the first HoH of the season.

The third round saw remaining eligible houseguests compete to land three bean bags on a spinning platform. The first to successfully land all 3, would advance to the final prize round. With just Kyle, Jess and Josh remaining in the running, Josh edged to win the final round and advance to the “prize round” alongside Moose and Hermon.

In the final round, each remaining houseguest is asked to choose a door, behind one of which lies the Head of Household!

Ultimately, Moose and Josh won safety for the week, whilst Hermon chose the HoH door and was therefore crowned as the first HoH of the season!

The remaining houseguests better not get too comfy, as one of them will be sent packing in tonight’s show which sees the first eviction of the season?

Who will it be? Tune in 8PM EST on Global and stick with Big Blagger for the latest!

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