Sam wins PoV as Chelsea puts backdoor plan into motion

 Sam wins PoV as Chelsea puts backdoor plan into motion

When the week began, Chelsea had a plan to backdoor Mama K and in Wednesday night’s Big Brother Canada, that plan came another step closer to being completed.

The episode kicks off following Chelsea’s nominations of Kiera and Damien. Chelsea reminds us of her backdoor plan in the Diary Room and Kiera comments on how close Adam and Sam are and how badly she wants them out. Of course, Kiera would need to get off the block first, so we headed to the Power of Veto competition.

Cory, Sam, and Kyra played in the veto and Mark would host. The competition was played in two parts, a Bingo-style comp, and a crossword puzzle. Kiera and Sam advanced to round two, which saw the HGs compete to solve a Big Brother words puzzle. Kiera really struggled – I mean the struggle was real. Sam wanted to throw it but Kiera began to meltdown, so that wasn’t an option. Sam won the veto.

Kiera is crying and having a mini panic attack, so Sam tries to calm her down by telling her it might not be over for her this week. Kiera meets with Sam and Chelsea, basically lying and telling them what they want to hear as she will still be targeting them anyway.

At the veto meeting, Sam takes Kiera off the block and Chelsea puts Kailyn in her place.

Who will be evicted from BBCAN HQ, Kailyn or Damien? And who will Canada be giving top secret video information? Find out when Big Brother Canada continues Thursday night at 8 pm ET for the third eviction of the season with host Arisa Cox.

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