Micheal becomes the second evictee of the season

 Micheal becomes the second evictee of the season

Following last week’s shock decision from Nico to self-evict, Micheal has become the second evictee of the season, although this one was all down to the house.

Speaking to host, Arisa Cox following his eviction, Micheal said “The last few days flipped and flopped. I had people, then I didn’t have people,”. He continued; “No one wanted to unite together and get the heads of the snake: Kyle, Chris, and Vanessa. Sadly, the courage wasn’t there and they ended up going with the rest of the house.”

Earlier in the episode, tempers flared when during the fall out from Chris’ blindisde at the Veto meeting. Madeline took no time in calling him out, storming the HoH to chastise Chris, calling him a liar.

Tensions continue to rise with Minh-Li revealing to Micheal that the house is lying to him whilst goading him into a confrontation with Kyle in front of the whole house.

Making one last ditch attempt to turn the tides, Micheal revealed his military past during his eviction speech and promised his loyalty to those who voted in his favour. But alas it wasn’t to be. With only the support of his eVictor alliance members, Micheal was eVicted by a vote of 9-3.

The drama just keeps on coming, stay tuned to find out who will be the next HoH!

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