Sheldon wins the second HoH comp of the season

 Sheldon wins the second HoH comp of the season

Sheldon has become the second Head of Household of the season, after winning the latest HoH competition.

For this weeks competition, houseguests had to take out their rivals by putting yellow balls into their tube. Once a player received 10 balls in their tube they were eliminated from the competition – the first four houseguests to be eliminated would become Have-Nots for the week.

The last player standing would become the new Head of Household. 

See below competition results:

Madeline is first eliminated and a Have-Not

Kyle is second eliminated and a Have-Not

Vanessa is third eliminated and a Have-Not

Angie is fourth eliminated and a Have-Not

Rianne is fifth eliminated

Minh-Ly is sixth eliminate

John Luke is eliminated

Carol is eliminated

Hira is eliminated

Brooke is eliminated

Susanne is eliminated

Jamar is eliminated

As Sheldon was the last houseguest standing, he won the competition and became this weeks Head of Household!

Sheldon’s shortlist of nominations for the week is Rianne, John Luke, Maddy & Minh. Maddy tries hard to keep herself off the block – Sheldon takes her to Wendy’s however this is just a way of him softening the blow of adding her to the block this week.

At the nominations ceremony, he nominates Maddy & Rianne for eviction.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday at 7pm ET/PT on Global.

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