Maki Moto is the second to be evicted from Big Brother Canada in vote shocker

 Maki Moto is the second to be evicted from Big Brother Canada in vote shocker

Maki Moto became the second houseguest to be evicted from BBCAN HQ on Thursday following a tied vote shocker.

The show picks up following Adam’s decision to not use the Power of Veto, leaving Kyra and Maki to campaign in order to survive eviction night. The Pretty Boys started to worry about Maki and rightfully so, the guy dug his own grave.

First, he threw out Adam’s name as a possible target next week and then said he was going to nominate Dane because he nominated him this week. This was good news for Stef and Kiera, who want to target the boys. So they tried to keep him safe and paint a target on Kyra’s back.

Kyra went to work as well to save themselves but little did they know is Maki already did most of the damage himself.

It was then time for the vote and eviction. Adam, Anthony, Chelsea, Mark, and Sam all voted Maki out while Damien, Eddie, Kailyn, Kiera, and Stef voted for Kyra out. This created a tie that Dane had to break and he sent Maki home.

Following his eviction, Maki joined host Arisa Cox for an interview and admitted he felt free about the whole thing.

“I feel free,” he said. “There’s a lot of fakenesses that goes down in that house. To have freedom from that is a beautiful thing.”

When asked if he started playing the game too late, Maki said: “Yes. I definitely don’t know this game.”

It was then time for the Head of Household competition. This competition was all about memory as the houseguests had to remember a series of tasks throughout the week that they completed. After 11 questions, Chelsea won and became the new HoH.

With another member of Adam’s alliance in power, it is unlikely to be a surprising week as the other side of the house will lose another member.

Who will Chelsea nominate for eviction? Find out on Sunday night at 7 pm ET when Big Brother Canada continues. Head to our spoilers page for live updates from events over the weekend.

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