We have our first HoH of the season!

 We have our first HoH of the season!

On last nights episode of Big Brother Canada, the new houseguests competed in the first safety competition of the season and All-Stars Anthony and Spicy V go head to head for the HoH crown!

The episode began during the safety competition which had already seen Elijah, Kayla, Dinis, Todd, and Bayleigh had already been eliminated from the competition.

Lexus ultimately is the final housemate to fall and earns safety for the week alongside the veteran houseguests.

Now that the running order was complete, it was time for the players to pick their teams – in reverse order which meant that as Elijah was the first houseguest to fall, he would be last to pick either Anthony or Spicy V’s team.

Victoria’s Team:

Tola, Matt, Janine, Avery, Todd, Kayla.

Anthony’s Team:

Lexus, Donna, Vivek, Bayleigh, Dinis, Elijah.

For the first HoH competition of the season, the new houseguests had to answer a series of questions based on first impressions. Anthony and Victoria then had to guess who the collective picked as the answer.

The all star who either answered incorrectly or the slowest then got to eliminate a houseguest from their respective team – the player who ends the competition with the most players on their team won the HoH.

Ultimately the episode ends with ANTHONY winning the competition! Tune in Sunday to find out who he nominates.

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