Anthony makes the first nominations of the season

 Anthony makes the first nominations of the season

Last night on Big Brother Canada saw Anthony, the first HoH of season 12 making his nominations putting two houseguests on the chopping block.

As the first HOH usually has a difficult job of naming the nominees, Anthony takes the opportunity to discuss the options with Victoria’s team of players although these conversations don’t pass muster, with his conversation with Janine being the most difficult / awkward. As a result of that conversation he speaks with Spicy about possibly targeting Janine.

Anthony later tells Janine that she is going on the block, he lists the girls’ alliance to her and that they have been saying his name. During this conversation he lies to Janine in order to try and gather more information.

At the nomination ceremony he goes through with his plan to nominate Janine and names Avery alongside her.

Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save either Janine or Avery? Find out Wednesday on Global.

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