TWO housguests sent to jury in the dreaded DOUBLE EVICTION

 TWO housguests sent to jury in the dreaded DOUBLE EVICTION

Two houseguests were evicted from the Big Brother Canada house Thursday night and sent to jury in the dreaded double eviction.

Earlier this week, Renee went from dead last to first-time competition winner, becoming the new Head of Household at an integral time in the game.

With her target set on competition beast “Ty”, Renee named Anika as the second nominee in order to give her the chance to showcase her abilities to Canada and fellow houseguests. When Ty secured his third POV win of the season by a thread and took himself off the block, HOH Renee decided to make a resume move and named Queen Kuzie as the replacement nominee.

Kuzie campaigned hard, but ultimately the numbers were stacked against her and she was evicted by a vote of 3 to 1.

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“I told myself I fear no one in this house,” said Kuzie. “I came alone, I came to prove a point, and I hope that everyone who is watching me has seen the great in me rather than the bad.”

Immediately following Kuzie’s exit, Arisa shocked the remaining houseguests of the double eviction.

Putting their memories to the test in the “Scream of the Crime” Head of Household trivia competition, the houseguests had to answer questions about a crime scene they previously witnessed.

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Claudia’s memory proved triumphant, and she nominated Anika and Daniel C for eviction. With their games on the line, Daniel and Anika fought their BBCAN hearts out in the “Smashpots” Veto competition, but the reigning Veto champ, Ty, smashed his way to victory, choosing to use the Power of Veto to save Anika.

HOH Claudia was forced to name one of her fellow “Girlie Pops” alliance members as a replacement nominee, tearfully deciding on Shanaya.

With only three voters remaining in the house, the numbers weren’t in the “Girlie Pops’” favour, and their ally Shanaya was sent to jury as the season’s seventh member by a vote of 2 to 1.

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“Anything can happen in this house,” said Shanaya. “But I’m truly heartbroken for her [Claudia] and for me.”

Big Brother Canada continues Tuesday at 7pm ET/PT where a brand new HoH will be crowned.

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