Tim shakes it up with nominations, BB Australia style!

 Tim shakes it up with nominations, BB Australia style!

Tim won the HoH comp this week and has already thrown a spanner in the works!

Living up to his wildcard title, Tim has thrown caution to the wind and switched up the nomination process this week – much to the dismay of his fellow houseguests!

In the Australian version of the show, Housemates are each given 5 points with which they can nominate 2 fellow players. At the end of nominations, a pre determined number of housemates face eviction based on the number of points they received.

Tim decided it was time to bring a flavour of Australia to the BB Can Grand asking houseguests to meet with him in the HoH room and cast their nominations using gummy bears!

One by one, the houseguests met with Tim, who was suited and booted for the occasion! The votes were cast as follows:

Cassandra gave four points to Ramsey and one to Dallas.

Jared gave four to Dallas and one to Ramsey.

Dallas refused to take part and therefore Tim awarded him an additional 5 nomination points.

Joel gave three votes to Dallas and two to Ramsey.

Maddy nominated Dallas for three points and Jared for two points.

Mitchell gave three points to Dallas and two points to Ramsey.

The Brothers gave three points to Maddy andDallas received two points.

Nikki nominated Maddy for one and Dallas for four.

Ramsey gave Jared two votes and three for Dallas.

Finally, Raul gave Joel one nomination and Dallas four.

That makes the final tally:

Dallas : 29 Points
Ramsey: 9 Points
Maddy: 7 Points
Jared: 4 Points
Joel: 1 Point

As a result, and true to his word, Tim nominated Dallas and Ramsey for eviction! But of course we all know that game is far from over! Who will win the Power of Veto and will they choose to change the nominations?

Stick with Big Blagger to find out!

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