Mark is the first evicted houseguest!

 Mark is the first evicted houseguest!

With a vote of 6-7, Mark has become the first houseguest to leave the BBCAN Odyssey.

It is the first time in the history of Big Brother Canada that a male has left first. He found himself on the block after Karen and Sindy won the first HoH comp and Karen was chosen as the first HoH. Karen decided to let rip and target to of the stronger male players, putting Demetres and Mark on the block. In the POV competition, returning player Bruno won and decided to respect Karen’s nominations and not use the veto.

Speaking to host Arisa Cox following his eviction, Mark revealed:

“It feels to me like someone in the house was really gunning to get me out of there, I really don’t know who it was and I tried hard to stay in the house but I just couldn’t get them to vote in my favour.”

Following the eviction, Arisa spoke to the house and informed them that Canada had been voting to send one housemate to the future, meaning that they would be granted immunity until jury. She then went on to reveal that the Canadian public had voted for Neda.

Big Brother Canada continues on Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global.


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