Hira wins the first Power of Veto of the season

 Hira wins the first Power of Veto of the season

Tonight saw the Big Brother Canada houseguests take part in the first Power of Veto competition of the season – Sleigh the veto.

In Sunday’s episode, Chris has declared that he wanted to make a big move in the game this week – he wants to try and oust his biggest competitive threat, Michael. 

Chris nominated two pawns: Brooke and Hira, with the hope that one of them would win the veto allowing him to then backdoor the real target of the week. 

As in last season, the head of household does not compete in the veto competition. 

Picked to play alongside the nominees were Carol, Vanessa and Madeline. Hosting the competition this week was Susanne. 

The first veto comp of the season was a tricky one – houseguests had to crawl back and forth on their knees to collect 20 fish, while pulling a sled behind them.

They then had to wipe the snow away to unveil a fish puzzle. The first to correctly place all the fish on the rack in the correct order and press their buzzer would win the power of veto.

Hira was the first houseguest to press the buzzer and therefore he won the Power of Veto.

Hira used the veto on himself, securing safety for himself this week and leaving the door open for Chris to go ahead with his plan to backdoor Michael. 

At the veto ceremony, Chris followed through with his plan and nominated Michael as the replacement nominee. 

As a result, Brooke and Michael face eviction from the Big Brother Canada house this week – who will be evicted? Find out Thursday at 8pm ET/PT on Global.

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