Did Avery or Bayleigh manage to win the Power of Veto?

 Did Avery or Bayleigh manage to win the Power of Veto?

Last night on Big Brother Canada the houseguests competed in the latest Power of Veto competition of the season ahead of tonight’s double eviction.

This week, Head of Household Tola nominated Avery and Bayleigh for eviction with the pair clearly unhappy at Tola’s decision to put them on the block.

For the Power of Veto competition, Anthony, Todd and Victoria are picked to play alongside the nominees.

The houseguests have to count shooting stars, with the stars starting slow and then steadily increasing in speed – the houseguests have to push a button every time they see a star.

The players are then given the chance to bid on some temptations – for instance a call from home or a cash prize.

At the end of the competition, Todd wins the Power of Veto!

Todd and Tola later discuss what to do with the Veto. Tola wants Todd to keep the nominations the same. Bayleigh is also concerned that if she comes down off the block that Victoria could be named as replacement.

Ultimately, Todd decides not to use the veto leaving Bayleigh and Avery on the chopping block.

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