BBCAN cast revealed ahead of season premiere

 BBCAN cast revealed ahead of season premiere

Big Brother Canada has lifted the lid on its supersized line-up ahead of the premiere of it’s 8th season.

Posting on Twitter, the official account of the show tweeted the following picture, followed up by individual biographies and superhero avatars for each houseguest:

First up, is 22 year old Journalist, John who loves video games and movies and lists applying for the show as the most spontaneous thing he’s ever done.

Next, we have 33 year old Angie, a communications officer from Winnipeg who is a commited christian and says her biggest idols are here mum and dad.

They’ll be joined by Brooke, a 26 year old social support worker from Calgary who likes to spend Sunday’s with her cats reading books and says that given the chance she would choose to backstab her alliance over staying true to her word.

Next up is 44 year old disability caregiver, Carol. She say she see’s herself as a hero rather than a villan and her biggest fear is being murdered by a serial killer. 

5th revealed houseguest is 28 year old Chris, a brain transformation specialist from Markham. He dislikes pompus people and lives life by the phrase “do it now!”.

Joining them is 30 year old accountant, Hira who loves basketball and supports the Toronto Raptors. He’s married and says he is a man of his word.

Our next houseguest is a 23 year old warehouse worker from Ajax, named Jamar. Jamar thinks he was chosen for BBCAN8 because he is “handsome, charismatic and confident”. He is scared of animals.

The next houseguest thrown into the mix is 31 year old Kyle, an electrician from Okotoks. He likes UFC and MMA.

Also joing them, will be 30 year old Madeline. Madeline is a substitute teacher from Toronto who is a self confessed BBCAN superfan who is most proud of achieving her tennis scholarship.

She’ll be joined by Minh-Ly, a 28 year old flight attendant from Montreal. She likes astrology and spends a typical Sunday practicing yoga, relaxing and hanging out with friends.

Next in the mix is 25 year old Michael, a military infantryman from Prince George who can’t stand complaining. 

Alongside him is Nico, a 31 year old sales manager from Toronto. Nico’s strategy going into the house is to fly under the radar. He’s a lover, not a fighter and says his idol is his dad.

Also entering the house will be, 29 year old Rianne. Rianne is an OR nurse who likes to binge watch reality TV and is game for a showmance. She says her idol is Jennifer Lopez.

Next up is 24 year old Susanne from Vaughan. Susanne is a corporate recruiter who likes to spend Sunday’s going to the gym, seeing her friends and having big itallian lunches with her family.

She’ll be joined by Sheldon, a 24 year old professional wrestler from Ottawa. He says a suprising fact about him is that he has never drank or done drugs. 

Last but not least, Vanessa is a 26 year old lobster fisherman from Mill River. Vanessa is another BBCAN superfan and likes to spend her Sunday’s fishing, four wheeling and drinking beer.

Tune in to two night season premiere event, kicking off on Wednesday 4th March at 7pm ET/PT and stick with Big Blagger for all the latest! 

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