There’s a massacre at the movies on Big Brother Canada

 There’s a massacre at the movies on Big Brother Canada


Big Brother Canada continued on Global last night, and this time Big Brother had yet another twist in store for the houseguests – the Movie Night Massacre!

The episode begins with the houseguests still recovering from the Executive Veto twist. Lexus says that she wants revenge for Matt’s eviction, but doesn’t know who to trust anymore.

Suddenly, alarms begin to ring in the house and everyone runs downstairs where they discover that everyone is at risk and the house is on lockdown!

The houseguests are then instructed to go outside where they find a movie theater set. Arisa appears on screen and tells them that they will be the players and that one of them could become the director. One houseguest will leave the game for good.

The houseguests are told to put their heads in an enclosed chamber and have things dropped onto their heads. The objective is to balance a jar for the longest whilst in the chamber. The last person standing will win safety and a chance at control.

Bayleigh and Tola are the final two houseguests still playing, however it’s ultimately Bayleigh who wins safety.

Bayleigh is the first to cast a roll. Then the houseguests will choose in the order they fell off. Kayla doesn’t get to cast a vote as the first to fall.

Victoria is made the HoH by Bayleigh, however she doesn’t have any actual power, just safety from eviction. Tola makes Kayla the first nominee, and Todd nominates Avery as Pawn. Lexus picks Tola to play the POV as she wants him to keep noms the same.

Anthony picks to take away Elijah’s eviction vote, whilst Victoria gives Anthony a slop pass. This means that Avery and Elijah are left with Todd and Lexus to pick as POV players.

For the PoV competition, the players had to drink blood in order to reveal numbers at the bottom of the three glasses. The numbers formed a combination to open a lock to get their puzzle pieces.

Kayla is the first houseguest to complete her puzzle and wins the Power of Veto and is therefore safe from eviction.

Who will be evicted from the house? Find out Tuesday on Big Brother Canada!

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