Sheldon wins HoH, nominates Carol and Minh-Ly

 Sheldon wins HoH, nominates Carol and Minh-Ly

After a turbulent week in the house which saw not one but two housemates removed, in the form of Jamar & Kyle, BBCAN hit the reset button with a fresh HoH comp to decide who would next take on the title. Given the outcome of the previous week, formed HoH Sheldon was allowed to compete.

Houseguest competed in a test of endurance to see who could hold on the longest and become the new Head of Household.

In the end it came down to Chris and Sheldon, battiling it out – with Chris dropping first to sit back and allow Sheldon to get more blood on his hands.

With the new HoH settled, in an altogether familar set of circumstances, it was time for Sheldon to choose the two nominees. 

Anyone expecting a straight rerun of last week, will be dissapointed after Sheldon chose to nominate Minh-Ly and Carol, after she expressed a desire to leave the game.

Sheldon also had to choose 4 have nots; John-Luke, Brooke, Susanne and Rianne.

Is Carol going to be walking out that door this week, or is there a shock in store for Minh-Ly, and who will win the Power of Vetor? Stick with Big Blagger for the latest!


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